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Automatic male masturbators - How to maintain your sex toys

Automatic Male MasturbatorsAutomatic male masturbators have literally revolutionised the male sex toy market as we know it today, as they are like nothing we have ever seen before. Automatic male masturbators are so popular because they feel so realistic, they’re so simple to use, and most importantly, they’re so effective at getting you off. Gone are the days when a man had to rely on an inflatable doll, or a cheap vibrating cock ring to get him off, as these days, male sex toys are more advanced and sophisticated than ever before. Modern technology has advanced at a scary pace over the last decade or so, which is why we have such advancements in so many different products, including automatic male masturbators. As these devices are so sophisticated and complex however, in order to keep them working at their best, we need to ensure that we maintain them and look after them properly, and that is sadly where many people go wrong. Automatic male masturbators aren’t the cheapest of products, so you obviously are going to want to keep them in the best condition possible, which is where we come into the mix. Here’s a look at a few useful tips on how to maintain your male sex toys.

Always wash after use

This is first on the list because it is the most important. After you finish using your sex toy, no matter what the outcome, you should always, always wash it immediately after use. Bacteria thrives in dark, moist, and warm conditions, which is why the inside of your male masturbator will potentially become a breeding ground for all kinds of bugs and bacteria if you don’t wash it. Many of them are waterproof and are designed to be submerged in water, so simply submerge in hot soapy water, give a good wash and get to all of the hard to reach areas, then, give a good rinse. Always use a mild anti-bacterial soap, and always ensure that the water is as warm as you can tolerate.

Dry thoroughly

Although it will be tempting to simply put your toy away wet, as soon as you’ve finished washing it, you should first take the time to dry it thoroughly, otherwise you are again at risk of allowing bacteria to breed inside. Use a clean towel to really get into all of those hard to reach areas, and if possible, allow to air dry before putting away. If you put your toy away with water still inside, you run the risk of allowing mould, bacteria, and damp to grow inside your product, especially if you keep it locked away for several weeks/months.

Inspect your toy regularly

Another great maintenance tip for automatic male masturbators, and indeed, any other sex toy for that matter, is to take the time to manually inspect the toy for any obvious signs of damage. Over time, there will be signs of general wear and tear, but if you notice any clear signs of damage, ideally you should replace the product as it will be unsafe and it could cause no ends of problems in the near future.

Use the correct lube

We all love a bit of lube, don’t we? Well, as it turns out, not all sex toys love a bit of lube, as there are some types of lubes that can damage certain types of products. Oil-based lubes for example, can damage sex toys and latex, so it is best to opt for a water-based lubricant, although if you have a read of the instructions of your sex toy, it should ideally tell you which lubricants can and cannot be used.