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Cream of the crop male masturbators

When people talk about male masturbators, or any form of masturbation or sexual gratification for that matter, they generally either turn a deep shade of crimson red with embarrassment, or they find themselves giggling like schoolchildren during their first ever sexual education lesson. In reality, sexual gratification, including masturbation, is extremely natural, and in actual fact, it can provide a wide range of various benefits in the process. Speaking from firsthand experience, we've encountered people from all walks of life, who, when pressed on the subject of male masturbators and other similar sex toys, generally didn't really have that much of an understanding of what they are, and how they function. The adult market is incredibly lucrative in this day and age, with sex toy sales generating billions upon billions every single year. Whilst the majority of these toys are indeed aimed at women, the men do still get in on the fun as well, which is why we'll now be taking a look at five of the best male masturbator sex toys currently on the market for sale. Below you will find a detailed review of each device, so you can get a better understanding of what they are, how they work, and why they're considered to be so popular. So, without any further hesitation, let's begin by taking a detailed look at 5 of the best male masturbators currently on the market. First Place

1. The Autoblow 2

First on our list we have the Autoblow 2, which is considered by many, to be THE ultimate male masturbatory aid, and for very good reason. The Autoblow 2 is a blowjob machine quite like no other, as it is considered to be the very first automatic blowjob machine for men. The autoblow 2 is just over 4 inches wide, it is nine inches in length, and it is designed to provide a similar feeling and sensation to what one may expect to find when experiencing oral sex. The Autoblow 2 is actually only here because of crowdfunding, as it was featured on Indiegogo, where it quickly and easily hit its target, and made much more besides.

Autoblow 2 Male Masturbator

How does it work?

The Autoblow 2 actually functions very simply, which is one of the reasons why it has proven to be such a popular device. You simply plug the device into any mains socket, and you are then good to go. The device features a set of pursed ‘lips', and you basically treat it like you would when engaging in various other forms of sexual activity with a willing partner. Once the penis has been inserted, the device features a set of motorised rollers that can be programmed at different speeds and settings, and it is these rollers that are designed to simulate the feeling of receiving oral sex. The rollers move up and down the penis, and if you wish to adjust the speed, you simply do so by using the specially designed dial located on the bottom of the device. Once you're, erm, done, the device features an interchangeable sleeve system, allowing you to remove the sleeve and clean up hygienically and safely.

Main features include:

Sleeve system

The sleeve itself is interchangeable and can easily be removed, allowing users to wash it thoroughly and dry it carefully before replacing it before the next usage. What's more, they are very simple to clean, and they are available in 3 separate sizes, so no matter what size you are, you will be able to find a sleeve that really and truly fits.

Mains operated

The main problem with other battery operated sex toys, is the fact that the batteries only have a limited life, and if you're in the mood to get down and have some fun, only to find that the batteries on your toy are flatter than a pancake, well, that would be quite the mood killer, wouldn't it? The Autoblow 2 however, is mains operated, so providing you have a mains outlet, you will always have power.

Buy the Autoblow 2

Safe and hygienic

As the device is so well made, and has had so much cash thrown at it, it is as safe and as hygienic as can be, which is a great thing to know. Not only is it safe running from the mains, but it is also safe from a hygiene standpoint, as the sleeves can so easily be removed and cleaned.

Sturdy construction and feels great

The Autoblow 2 is very robust and sturdy, and is built to last. The motor itself is designed to provide upwards of 500 hours worth of continual usage, meaning it will last for years upon years with no issues in the slightest. Due to its fantastic design, the autoblow 2 really does feel amazing and is considered to feel so much better than simply using your hand to get yourself off. What's more, you can play with the settings so you can find which ones really work the best for you.


Overall, the Autoblow 2 is considered to be one of the best male masturbators currently on the market, and it is gaining popularity on a near daily basis. If you're looking for a safe, hygienic, powerful, and effective male masturbator, you should seriously consider adding the Autoblow 2 to your collection.

Autoblow 2 Info Visit The Autoblow 2 Website Read More Reviews About The Autoblow 2 Watch The Autoblow 2 Video
Second Place Fleshlight STU

2. Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit (STU)

Next up, we have the stamina training unit from Fleshlight. The stamina training unit, or STU, is quickly becoming a contender for one of the most popular male masturbatory aids on the market, and it is easy to understand why. The STU from fleshlight, is designed to not only help provide pleasure, but to actually help enhance your sex drive and sexual function in the process. Fleshlights are now globally recognised as being some of the most popular and well-made masturbatory aids in the world, and with the STU, they are really looking to take things to the next level.

Fleshlight STU

How does it work?

Located within these devices are hundreds of sensitivity balls that are designed to enhance pleasure and provide an additionally realistic experience. It is referred to as a stamina training unit, because this device is unlike regular fleshlights. The STU is designed to be much, much tighter than regular fleshlights, and is designed to provide even more pressure and be additionally pleasurable. The basic premise is that the device feels so great, that it will bring you to climax much quicker than usual. The idea here is that users will fight the urge to climax, and will therefore be able to train themselves to last longer before they do eventually ejaculate. If you suffer with premature ejaculation, the STU is ideal because the more you use it, the longer you will be able to last, in theory at least.

Main features include:

Discreet design

Like other Felshlight devices, the STU is designed with discretion in mind, as, at first glance, it does indeed appear to be nothing more than a regular flashlight – hence the name. This is ideal for anybody worried about snooping hands or prying eyes, so in theory, the device could actually be hidden in plain sight.

Fleshlight STU

Even more pleasure

Regular fleshlights feel great, but the STU is designed to feel tighter and to provide even more pressure, which equals even more pleasure. Some people may use the STU to help make them better lovers and to help them last longer, whereas others may simply use it as a way of quickly getting off in the most pleasurable way imaginable.

Clean and hygienic

Like other fleshlights, the STU sleeves can easily be washed and dried as necessary, making them very clean, very safe, and very hygienic.

Different sleeves

We realise that different men have different sizes downstairs, and so do fleshlight, which is why the STU comes complete with different sized sleeves, so all sizes can be accommodated.


Overall, the STU is considered to be perfect for anybody looking to enhance their longevity in the sack, or for people simply looking for exciting and exhilarating ways of getting off with as little fuss and hassle as possible. The device is handheld, it is easy to use, it feels great, and it provides benefits other than just those based upon pleasure, making it a real winner. Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Info Visit Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Website Read More Reviews About Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Watch Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Video
Third Place Ashley Labret's Just 18 Life Size Pussy

3. Ashley Labret's Just 18 Life Size Pussy

Third on our list we have the Ashley Labret just 18 life size pussy. For some men, a standard masturbatory aid just isn't enough, and in these instances, they may crave something that looks and feels a little more realistic. Ashley Labret's just 18 life size pussy ticks all of the boxes and meets all of the aforementioned criteria, which is why it has made it onto our list of popular masturbatory aids designed specifically for men. If you're unfamiliar with Ashley Labret, you may wish to look her up, and you'll certainly be in for a treat, as she is a popular adult star. This device is actually made from a real bust of her genitalia, and it is therefore considered to be the definitive recreation of Ashley, both on the inside, and out. The device weighs in at 15 pounds, and is the perfect moulding of the adult star if you imagine her from behind. Featuring moulds of her buttocks, her pussy, and her upper thighs, you won't get much realer than this. The material is made from ultra-real cyberskin that is ribbed inside for even more pleasure. The opening is tight and lifelike, and the device is easy to clean, and, it comes in a discreet white box so storging it needn't be a chore either.

Ashley Labret's Just 18 Life Size Pussy

How does it work?

Basically, the device is there ready for you to use, so once you have inserted your manhood, well, we aren't going to tell you what to do after that, so that is all down to you.

Main features:


One of the main features of the device is the fact that it is so incredibly lifelike. The device is taken from real mouldings of Ashley, and when you combine the fact that it is made from ultra-realistic lifelike materials such as cyberskin, if you close your eyes and use your imagination, you will feel as if you are getting down with Ashley herself.

Clean and hygienic

The materials used to make this product, both inside, and out, are very easy to clean and maintain, making this a very hygienic product indeed. Once you are finished, you can clean up using hot mild soap and water, or special sex toy cleaning solutions, leave it to dry, and then have it ready for the next time you wish to use it.

Ashley Labret's Just 18 Life Size Pussy

Easy to store

Ok, as the product is to scale, you can't exactly store it in your bedside dresser drawer, but because of its handy design, plus the fact that it comes in a discreet white box, you can easily find an old cupboard or wardrobe and store the product there, where it will certainly not stand out or look out of the ordinary.


Overall, for men who are looking for a masturbatory aid that is more realistic and lifelike, the Ashley Labret's just 18 life size pussy is the product for you. On top of that, for fans of Ashley herself, this really is a must-have product as it is taken from real mouldings of her, and is to scale. Ashley Labret's Just 18 Life Size Pussy Info Visit Ashley Labret's Just 18 Life Size Pussy Website Read More Reviews About Ashley Labret's Just 18 Life Size Pussy Watch Ashley Labret's Just 18 Life Size Pussy Video
Supreme Head Exciter Vibrating Knob Gobbler

4. Supreme Head Exciter Vibrating Knob Gobbler

Coming in at number 4, we have the supreme head exciter vibrating knob gobbler. This device, as you can probably ascertain from the name, is a device that is designed specifically to simulate the feelings you would experience if you were receiving oral sex. Whereas other male masturbator toys and blowjob machines are designed to stimulate the entire penis, the main difference with the supreme head exciter vibrating knob gobbler, is the fact that it is only the head of the penis that is stimulated, making this the ultimate sex toy for men who enjoy the feeling of being teased before they reach climax.

Supreme Head Exciter Vibrating Knob Gobbler

How does it work?

Basically, with this product, you will lube up the tip of your penis, will insert the head into the device, and will then lay back and enjoy the feelings of intense pleasure washing over your body as you receive sexual gratification of the highest order. The sucking action created by the device will not let up until you reach climax, so you can rest assured that you are guaranteed one hell of a good time when you break open this baby. The device has different speed and vibration settings, which are known as ‘whip' and ‘hummer'. These settings can easily be controlled by you, using the sliding control device, as and when you require. You get full control, which is one of the things that men love about this product. Inside the product you will find a soft, realistic, and ribbed texture designed to send your pleasure sensors into override. It is three inches in depth, which is more than enough to accommodate even the largest of penis heads, so again, all men will be taken care of, regardless of shape or size.

Main features:

Supreme Head Exciter Vibrating Knob Gobbler

Speed settings

As the device has two separate speed settings, you, the user, will be placed in firm control as you can alternate them as you wish, so you can create an entire custom-made session of pure self pleasure. Some prefer the hummer setting, some prefer the whip setting, and some prefer mixing and matching. It really comes down to what works for you.

Battery powered

The device is battery powered, so providing you have plenty of batteries on hand, you are in for hours and hours of discreet fun. Running off of 4 x AA batteries, it provides powerful satisfaction, all in a very discreet manner.


As with all other male masturbators, the key to a great product is designing it to be as clean, safe, and hygienic as possible. This device is certainly all of the above, as it can be cleaned thoroughly in a matter of seconds.


Overall, for those of you looking for something a little bit different to the standard male masturbators currently on the market, the supreme head exciter vibrating knob gobbler is absolutely ideal. Although it is only the head of the penis that is stimulated, the satisfaction this small and discreet device will generate is off the charts. It cleans up easily, it is simple to use, it is discreet, and it really works, which in turn, helps provide two thumbs up from users up and down the country, and the world for that matter. Supreme Head Exciter Vibrating Knob Gobbler Info Visit Supreme Head Exciter Vibrating Knob Gobbler Website Read More Reviews About Supreme Head Exciter Vibrating Knob Gobbler Watch Supreme Head Exciter Vibrating Knob Gobbler Video
X40 Water Penis Pump

5. X40 Water Penis Pump

Finally, the last offering on our list of male masturbators is the X40 water penis pump, which is certainly one of the more radical offerings you are ever likely to find. The X40 water penis pump is designed to help provide a lifelike feeling as you use the product to get yourself off. This penis pump is not only designed to mimic what it feels like to be engaging in sexual activity with a real life woman, but it is also designed to actually help increase the overall size of your manhood in the process. The product is created to enhance the overall length of the shaft, as well as helping to provide users with harder and more prominent erections, which also last longer. This makes it not only beneficial for pleasuring yourself, it is also perfect for helping to deal with sexual dysfunctions and for helping to enhance and improve your sex life in the process.

X40 Water Penis Pump

How does it work

Basically, the pump is filled with water, which you will then displace as you insert your penis. This in turn, will help to create an airtight vacuum around your penis, that not only feels absolutely amazing, but also helps to increase the length, width, and strength of your penis in the process, so it really is a win-win. You basically fill with warm water, insert your penis into the sleeve, and enjoy as the suction gets you off and increases the size of your manhood in the process. The cup even features measurement markings, so you can compare before and afters and can see just how much larger you have become. There is a safety release valve, so if you are concerned with getting stuck, or caught in the vacuum etc, well, there really is no need.

Main features:

Increased penis size

X40 Water Penis PumpOne of the best features of this device is the fact that it has been proven to increase the size of your penis, and to help you achieve longer-lasting, and more prominent erections in the process.

Water proof

Obviously, as the device relies on water to create the suction, the product itself is fully waterproof, so you can use it in the bath or shower, helping to really make bath/shower time that much more enjoyable and pleasurable.

Simple to use and hygienic

The device is very simple to use, as you basically add the water, and insert your penis, and let the suction do the rest. What's more, as it is waterproof and is designed to be used in water, cleaning up and ensuring it remains hygienic and sterile is incredibly simple.


If you're worried that you don't quite measure up to other men, or if you're simply looking for a fun and pleasurable way to pass the time when you soak in the bath, the X40 Water Penis Pump is the product for you. It is simple to use, it cleans easily, it has been proven to work, and you only need to use the product for around 15 minutes at a time, before you notice very real and very prominent results. X40 Water Penis Pump Info Visit X40 Water Penis Pump Website Read More Reviews About X40 Water Penis Pump Watch X40 Water Penis Pump Video