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Male MasturbatorDespite the fact that millions of people are using sex toys around the world each and every day, it is rarely talked about. Using sex toys can still seem 'dirty' or 'rude' or a myriad of other not-so-pleasant adjectives in the eyes of some people. That's why for most people, discretion is incredibly important when it comes to buying sex toys.

A male masturbator is a great way for men to experiment with their sexuality, but for most, it is something that should be kept private. Thankfully, there are several ways that you can purchased these toys discreetly.

Buying a Male Masturbator Discreetly

So basically there are two options for discreetly purchasing a male masturbator, which are as follows:

1. In a sex shop.

Okay, so purchasing a masturbator in a sex shop may not seem discreet, but it can be, and here's why: First of all, the people who work in the shop are used to helping people purchase sex toys all day, and what with their employee discount they are most likely better versed in all the toys than anyone else, so you needn't be concerned about them. Second, the only other people that you will meet in the sex shop are people who are looking to buy sex toys too. Even if you did see someone that you know in there, they can't really say anything, because they'd have to admit they were in there too. But despite all of this, for many this is just still too public. (Personally, I only buy from actual sex shops when I'm buying something simple and 'normal' such as condoms, lubricant or gag gifts for friends. The rest I do from behind my computer screen.)

2. Buy online.

Absolutely, hands-down, the best way to purchase any type of sex toys discreetly is by doing your shopping online. Most online sex shops will offer discreet shipping, which means your item will come in an unmarked box. They will also usually use a different company name than that of your toy. For example, I recently bought the Autoblow 2 online, but nowhere on the box did it say anything about the Autoblow. The return address had the name of a company that NOBODY would have guessed had anything to do with sex toys. (Sorry, I can't remember what it actually said, but it was very discreet!) Not even the mailman would have known what he was delivering.

Buying a Male Masturbator Online

If you are looking to purchase a male masturbator, and want to make sure that your purchase remains private, buy it online! There are so many different sites that sell different sex toys, but in my experience, when possible, I always buy directly from the toy's company site. That way you know that you're getting the exact product you're looking for, and the return policies and discreet shipping are usually on point.

But no matter where you buy from, just confirm that they use discreet shipping. Most places will put that information somewhere on their website, but if you don't see it, it doesn't hurt to call customer service just to make sure.

The only downside to buying online is that you can't hold the product in your hand before purchasing. But I've typically not had a problem with that since I just be sure to read reviews, and product specs so that I know what I'm getting. I've purchased a lot of sex toys over the years, including several male masturbators, and ever since they started offering all these online sex shops, I rarely set foot in a real shop, unless I go with my partner to just take a peek at the different toys to get us a little excited before heading home ;)

But as far as discretion does, you really can't beat ordering anonymously online, and having it arrive conveniently to your front door in unmarked packaging. Gotta love the internet...