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Autoblow A.I.

Autoblow 2 A.I.
  • Sleeves can be interchanged Sleeves can be interchanged
  • Industrial strength motor Industrial strength motor
  • Does NOT require batteries Does NOT require batteries
  • Hands free blowjob machine Hands free male masturbator
  • Sleeves are easy to clean Sleeves are easy to clean
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Fleshlight STU

Fleshlight STU
  • Waterproof Male Masturbator Waterproof male masturbator
  • Realistic feel Realistic feel
  • Different sleeves Different sleeves
  • Super tight Super tight
  • Easy to clean and store Easy to clean and store
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Male MasturbatorsWomen have been using sex toys openly for many years, but men are a bit more discreet about their own. There are many male masturbator types available, however, and more men are taking a giant leap by investing in one of these pleasure packing products. The designs that are on the market are extensive and whether you want to be tugged, caressed, stroked or gripped there is an option for you.

Choosing which toy to buy can be just as much fun as actually using the toys…well, almost…and there is no limit to the amount you can try. When you are just starting out though, it can be confusing about which is the first one that you should choose.

What do you need to be aware of when buying male masturbators?

1. Material - If a realistic experience is what you are going for, invest in a toy either made of cyberskin or silicone. Other popular materials used to make male masturbators are jelly and rubber, which can both feel good but are not as durable or feel as 'real.'

2. Your Size - Even though most male sex toys are designed to fit a range of penises, it is a good idea to measure your width and length (when erect) before buying to ensure that the one you choose will be suitable. Imagine how pissed off you’d be if it arrives and you discover that your cock can’t even fit into the damn thing.

3. Texture - Male masturbators can have different textures inside them. Some of the most popular are smooth, bumpy, ridged and even small rubber ‘teeth.’ There are also others that have a tighter grip or a combination of different textures.

4. Sensation - In addition to having a texture, many toys can vibrate at different speeds and intensities, normally controlled by the user.

5. Other Things to Consider:

  • Determine if the product will require batteries or is rechargeable before you buy.
  • Most toys need to be used with lube, so be sure to stock up well.
  • Make sure the one you choose is suitable for wet play if you plan on using it in the bath.
  • As well as any other personal preferences you might have.

Items that complement male masturbators

With every good purchase other items are needed, in order to ensure that it will last as long as possible and male masturbators are no different. Proper use and cleaning is essential for safety and hygiene reasons and to prolong the toys life. Some of the extras you will need are:

1. Lube - As every man knows masturbation, in any form, can generate a lot of friction. Using the right amount of lube during play helps to prevent any damage to your favourite body part. A couple things to note when deciding which type to purchase are: water-based lube shouldn’t be used for wet fun, and silicone lube must also be avoided with silicone toys.

2. Cleaner - Male masturbators need to be cleaned after each use, and the best product to use on them is a cleanser made specifically for sex toys. This will ensure that there is no damage to either the toys or your body.

3. Batteries - Some toys are rechargeable, but if the one you choose uses batteries it is wise to ensure that you always have some spares available.

A few years ago, it might have been really hard to find quality male masturbators. These days, however, there are many, many purchase options and the entire ordering process is easy and discreet. Just choose the one you want, pay for your purchase, and receive your unmarked, deceptively plain-looking package.