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CondomsThere are a few reasons why you might want to know what kind of lubricant is on condoms when you buy them:

1. People with allergies to parabens and other ingredients in water-based lubes may want to opt for condoms coated in silicone or non-lubricated brands.

2. If you’ve read our article on Lubes with Sex Toys, then you know that most silicone lubricants aren’t good for certain male masturbator materials. Silicone-coated condoms may not be a good choice depending on what toy you’re using.

3. Last but not least, water based lubes obviously dissolve in water so, unless you want to add your own silicone lube to them, you’ll want to use a silicone-lubed condom if you’re going to have sex in the tub or shower.

Unfortunately, most manufacturers neglect to say what kind of lube they use on their condoms, and some even ignore your questions when you eMail them about it. My boyfriend and I tend to be very persistent though, so we’ve spent the past week hounding the condom manufacturers for answers in order to bring you this list:

Condoms with Silicone Lube

  • Beyond Seven
  • Beyond Seven Plus
  • Beyond Seven Studded
  • Crown
  • Durex Avanti
  • Durex Enhanced Pleasure
  • Durex Extra Sensitive
  • Durex Extra Sensitive Ribbed
  • Durex Extra Strength
  • Durex Her Sensation
  • Durex Intense Sensation
  • Durex Love
  • Durex Performax
  • Durex Pleasure Curve
  • Durex Pleasuremax
  • Durex Sensi Thin
  • Durex Tropical
  • FC Female Condom
  • Inspiral
  • Kimono MicroThin Ultra Thin
  • Kimono MicroThin Large
  • Kimono Textured
  • Kimono Thin
  • Kimono Maxx
  • Lifestyles His N Her Pleasure
  • Lifestyles Kyng
  • Lifestyles Maximum Sensation Discs
  • Lifestyles Mega
  • Lifestyles Ribbed Pleasure
  • Lifestyles Sheer Pleasure
  • Lifestyles Skyn
  • Lifestyles Snugger Fit
  • Lifestyles Thyn
  • Lifestyles Ultra Lubricated
  • Lifestyles Ultra Ribbed
  • Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive
  • Lifestyles Ultra Thin
  • Lifestyles Warming Pleasure
  • Night Light Glow
  • One condoms (all)
  • Pjur
  • Trojan Ecstasy (all)
  • Trojan Supra

Condoms with Water-Based Lube

  • Beyond Seven Aloe
  • Durex Natural Feeling
  • Glyde
  • Kimono MicroThin Ultra Lubricated
  • Lifestyles Flavors
  • Lifestyles Studded
  • Trojan 2Go
  • Trojan Enz
  • Trojan Extended Pleasure
  • Trojan Her Pleasure
  • Trojan Intense Ribbed
  • Trojan Magnum
  • Trojan Naturalamb
  • Trojan Shared Pleasure
  • Trojan Thintensity
  • Trojan Twisted Pleasure
  • Trojan Ultra Pleasure
  • Trojan Ultra Ribbed
  • Trojan Ultrathin

Keep in mind that manufacturers do change their product lines from time to time, so this list will not be accurate forever. For that reason, we’ve included the condom manufacturer’s contact info below so you can double check from time to time if need be. Also, if you have information about a condom that’s not on this list, or learn that a manufacturer has changed their lubes, please let us know so we can update this so it remains useful for everyone.

Ansell (Lifestyles condoms) 732-345-5400 cmurphy@ansell.com

Australian Therapeutic Supplies (Four Seasons condoms) ats@australiantherapeutic.com

Church & Dwight (Trojan condoms) 1-800-524-1328

Durex Consumer Products (Durex condoms) 770-582-2222

Global Protection Corp. (One and Night Light condoms) 617-946-2800 info@globalprotection.com

Glyde Health Pty. Ltd. (Glyde) 1-300-364-811 http://www.glyde-condoms.com/en/kontakt.php

IXU LLC (Inspiral condoms) info@vawow.com

Mayer Labs (Kimono and FC Female condoms) 1-800-426-6366

Okamoto USA Inc.(Crown and Beyond Seven condoms) 1-800-283-7546

Pjur Group Luxembourg S.A. (Pjur) 352-748989 info@pjur.com