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Prostate MassagerHe must be pretty special because prostate massages are known to give men full bodied, explosive orgasms that will have them groveling at your feet for days to come. The male prostate is equated with the female g-spot and is often called the p-spot.

Here is a little how to and why:

Prostate Massage = Prostate Health

  • Increases blood flow to the prostate which supplies nutrients and oxygen to the male reproductive system.
  • May help improve erectile function.
  • Can boost semen quality.
  • And more!

I am not a doctor! Check with a medical doctor to see what health risks are associated with prostate stimulation. It is known that people with prostate cancer or acute prostatitis should not receive prostate massages, as it could cause both to spread. Visit your doctor and find out what other conditions apply. Proceed at your own risk!

What you will need:

  • Lube
  • Latex gloves, nitrile gloves or finger cots.
  • Prostate Massager – If you choose to use one, finger(s) works.


  • For Him – He should take care of his business and make sure everything is empty, shower and clean thoroughly
  • For You – Wash your hands thoroughly, trim your fingernails and smooth rough edges, have your lube and gloves ready to go. One gloved hand is sufficient.

I am assuming you have set the mood and made sure everyone was on the same page and ready for the back door expedition.

It is generally best for him to start lying on his back with his knees up. Start with a little foreplay and get him aroused - enjoy being in the driver’s seat! Apply a generous amount of lube to your gloved hand. Tease externally first. Massage the entrance with slow circular motions. Pay attention to his body language and the noises he makes. Does he seem nervous and tense, or does it seem as though he is offering up is tush?

Now for the real prostate massage how to:

Slowly and gently slide your lubed gloved finger into his anus. You will feel a bulky mass that is about the size of a walnut. That is the prostate gland. You can use a circular technique, the upward come hither technique (as if you are summoning someone to come towards you with your finger) or a press and release technique. Whatever you choose, it is best to not focus too much on the very center of the gland. It is very sensitive. While you should find a rhythm, do not vigorously massage the prostate - you may cause damage! There will only be a thin layer of skin separating your finger from the gland and it is quite fragile. The whole process should be gentle. Continue to stimulate him in other ways unless he requests otherwise.

Again, pay attention to his reactions. If he seems uncomfortable, check in and make sure he wants to continue. If his eyes are rolled back and he is moaning with pleasure, keep doing what you’re doing!

What will happen?

Non-ejaculatory fluid may be released (excess fluid from gland). This is called milking the prostate – another health benefit.

He may have an earth shattering non-ejaculatory full bodied orgasm. Awesome!

Put your goggles on because he may have a seriously explosive orgasm! During the massage, additional seminal fluid will be produced.

Enjoy sending your partner to orgasmic bliss. When you are finished, slowly slide your finger out and give yourself a pat on the back (after you wash your hands). Giving pleasure can be as rewarding and stimulating as receiving it. After washing up, go ahead and get your vibrating masturbator out. You deserve it.

If you are not comfortable using your fingers, there are a ton of great prostate massagers. Many men love products by Aneros.

Have fun and communicate. Prostate massage can bring your adult play to a whole new level.