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Bathnate HerculesThis review has been in the works for a while! The Bathmate line of pumps is a line of penis pumps that is designed differently from anything else I've encountered; it relies on negative water pressure instead of negative air pressure (two types of vacuum) to pull blood into the tissues of the penis. This action (the pulling of blood into the penis) is supposed to force the blood vessels open more, and cause tiny little tears in the tissues (think microscopic) so that when they heal the tissues have to grow to fill in the "gaps".

How Does The Bathmate Hercules Penis Pump Work?

Visuals are the best sometimes right?

Long story short: Run warm water over your cock, press the black button on the end of the Bathmate Hercules in and fill it with water, then place your cock in the cylinder and pump it against your body… then wait 15 minutes, or pump more water out as needed.

Sciency wiency things happen (or should… I get the idea behind it), and the heat from the water allows the blood vessels to open more than air would allow (heat is wonderful for opening bodily tissues up!) and then the vacuum (which, from what I'm reading… should never be above 4 millibars. This means the Bathmate line "shouldn't" ever cause pain or injury.) pulls blood into those vessels.

What Is The Bathmate Hercules Made Of?

Plastic (Polycarbonate to be specific) makes up the main "body" of the Bathmate Hercules.

"Skin Safe" rubber makes up the "bellows" of the unit (this part also has a replaceable foam gasket to help get a good seal) and a small stainless steel spring in pressure valve.

What Is The Bathmate Hercules For?

Bathmate's marketing is all a little convoluted…. they claim better penile health, stronger erections, and that your cock can get bigger. The only thing I will vouch 100% for is that with the use of a cock ring, it can give you the firmest hard-on you are likely ever to have.

My Experience With The Bathmate Hercules

Going into things, I didn't expect a lot. I had heard a lot of hype about the Bathmate male masturbators line, and was excited to get a chance to try one out.. but I've had experiences with one other pump (a novelty pump, but it too could give me a raging erection) so I had some semblance of an idea of what to expect. The info pamphlet that goes out with each unit explains how to use it, and recommends using it a few times a week for 15 minutes in the shower. A quick google search for routines shows countless "routines" that are supposed to give length and girth gains, but I didn't feel like diving into the world of super hardcore penis enlargement people (more power to the folks that are always yearning for another millimeter on the dick ruler, but that's not me).

I set out to use my Bathmate Hercules twice a week, for the recommended 15 minutes (or, as long as I could stay in the shower on "pumping" days), and was doing pretty well with it. I kept a journal of different experiences with the pump and will detail the ones I feel are important.

Day 1: Unboxed the Bathmate Hercules, and the smell of the rubber annoyed the shit out of me. I don't think there is a good alternative for the purpose rubber is used for here though, and I'm not using it like a "toy" so it should be fine. Cursory shave to ensure a good seal, and made sure to get my cock warm (it's recommended to warm up your shaft and genitals with water so the blood vessels open up) and started. Admittedly, it took me a few minutes to figure it out. I didn't really read the instructions, but it was easy to catch on to. Pumped it a few times against my crotch, and let go. It stayed on well, and just as I expected the vacuum slowly decreases. A few more pumps, and let it hang again. Dull ache at base of shaft… not painful, but not comfy. Upon removal, I felt quite a bit thicker (and looked it as well). This feeling stayed around for most of the afternoon.

Day 3: Pumped it a few times more than "usual" and the ache from the first day came back. I think it is just the pressure of the pump pulling my flesh into it. No bruising or discoloration, but looking REALLY veiny.

Day 8: Wasn't home, not taking my pump to friends houses to pump in the shower.

Day 16: My head is further down the "ruler" on the side while in use, but still not seeing anything that lasts more than a few minutes after hopping out of the shower unless I use a cock ring.

Day 20: Weird tingly feeling after use, afraid of nerve damage. Shouldn't be any though… I've been using the Bathmate Hercules for nearly a month and not experienced this.

Day 21: Nothing wrong with my cock, hallelujah!

Day 30: Hit the next line on the "ruler", but it still doesn't seem permanent.

Anyway: I trimmed that all down quite a bit, but it's an odd sensation to feel your cock literally being sucked full of blood… the tingly sensation on day 20. I'm still not sure what that was, but can gladly report that there was no damage of any sort to my cock.

Results Of A Month With Bathmate Hercules (And A Few Weeks Without Using It)

After 1 month of using the Bathmate Hercules every other day, there was no length gain at all (maybe a millimeter, but that could be chalked up to ambient air temperature). As far as girth, I went from approximately 5.4 inches circumference up to 5.8 inches. (relatively small increase, as that only adds a little over a tenth of an inch in diameter).

Then, I went a few weeks without using it… and settled back down to 5.5 inches in circumference. So, while there was some growth… it doesn't seem to be permanent at all.

Overall Opinion On The Bathmate Hercules Penis Pump

It's a well made product (It really is wonderfully built.) that preys on men's worries about penis size.

It could be useful for men with erectile dysfunction; it does fill the cock with blood and make you hard but I think other pumps are better suited for this purpose. (The Bathmate Hercules is infinitely more comfortable to use though, in my opinion)

Most pumps used to get an erection in men with erectile dysfunction require the use of a cock ring to hold the blood in, and the design and size of the Bathmate Hercules would be a problem with every ring I've ever seen/used... Even the snap/tie "rings" would be hard to use with the way this fits. Other pumps, I've been able to put the ring on the pump and slide it off around the base of my shaft and under my balls relatively easily. To do that with this… I would need a ring that would provide absolutely no constriction.

Personally, knowing what I know now... I wouldn't buy a Bathmate Hercules. It did give me firmer erections, and my cock was visibly bigger flaccid, but for the price it just doesn't seem worth it to me at all. While it did make me feel "meatier" for a few hours after each use, there was no real permanent gain, and at this price point you could pick up a different brand penis pump, and a few great rings.