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Bad Dragon JanineJanine the Dragoness is a penetrative toy. Resembles a vagina, but cleverly designed to be the Pussy of a sexual dragon Goddess known as Janine.

Janine makes for a great toy for hand jobs. Nothing hotter than watching your partner fuck something up close. She’s great in addition to blow jobs, though, lube is required, so your partner will taste like lube. For those that are solo – Janine is the women you fantasize her to be.

Like the majority of Bad Dragon toys - Janine is customizable, but only for color options. All Janine’s are of Medium firmness. There is only one size. No options for suction cups or cumtubes, though, I’d personally love to see this happen!

Janine is available in 5 toy exclusive colors, but is also available in the standard options, surprise me, or customized marbles.

My Janine is blue and black marble, which is $20 extra to the cost.

Janine, like all Bad Dragon toys are made of silicone. There aren’t that many silicone male masturbators, so Janine is pretty unique just considering this factor. Silicone is non-porous. Latex free. Phthalate free. It’s the best squishy material you can purchase! Rated at the top of the body safety scale!

The medium firmness of Janine is the same as the other Bad Dragon toys that I own. The material collects pet hair as soon as you set it down. There is a lot of weight to Janine, but at the same time she is floppy and flexible. There is a lot of drag to this silicone. Lube is required in order to penetrate Janine.

Janine is ribbed internally to help create a more realistic feeling. The texture also helps grab the shaft and pulls as you stroke it – creating a suction.

The texture feels realistic to a vagina, but not exactly the same. Though, definitely felt good.

Janine has a realistic outer appearance. There is a clit and lips, but surrounding the labia are scales. This is because she is a Dragon. The overall shape is like that of a flashlight. The bottom has a hole in it to make cleaning much easier.

Janine will not be the easiest to hide away, but it is doable. She can tuck away in your underwear draw or something similar. I suggest using a Ziploc bag to curb the lint attraction.

According to my scale, Janine weighs 2 lbs. She is 8″ long with 7.5″ deep hole. The hole is tight, but the material is stretchy to accommodate most sizes. Unstretched, Janine has a 0.5″ wide opening, but when she stretches – I can fist her. I measure 8.5″ in circumference or 2.70″ diameter. The size should fit most penis sizes.

All Bad Dragon toys come inside a plastic bag that will not work for storage and is disposable after you open it. They come shipped with a discreet label. Nicely packed inside with tissue paper. Sometimes you get nice extras like Mini peens, mini peen keychains, sample disc, pens, and pins. I love all of the Bad Dragon swag!

As Janine has no motor, she can be washed many ways.

  1. Top rack of the dishwasher
  2. 10% bleach with 90% water *
  3. Toy cleaners
  4. Antibacterial soap and water
  5. Boiling in large sauce pan for 3-5 minutes (don’t allow it to touch the bottom or sides)*

indicates the cleaning method that should be used if sharing is going to be done. Be sure to practice safe sex even with sex toys as they can spread infections as well.

When I stroke Janine– she glides easily because of the lube, but the flexibility of the material is sometimes a con. It would be a huge plus if the size of Janine would fit into a case. You know, something similar to a fleshlight holder. Janine doesn’t fit right inside the holder. It’s too bad because that would stop the flexibility from being an issue.

The Janine’s tightness can be compared to anal sex, but that her texture was like a vagina. The feeling was realistic, but not at the same time. I can’t bring myself to orgasm with Janine, but orgasm is hard for me to achieve.

I love that she is so easy to clean. Much more so than the Tenga cup I have. Thank you very much for the giveaway because I couldn’t otherwise afford Janine. I absolutely love my dragon pussy. I’m an average sized guy and have no issues with inserting my cock in her. The weight is really heavy, but otherwise I can’t complain. I love the feel of the silicone. It’s so squishy and life-like.