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Fleshlight STU
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Tales of Male MasturbationMasturbation is usually done alone, but when male masturbation becomes part of a sexual encounter with a woman it gets very interesting.

A few years ago I met a woman named Sally, and she had a serious masturbation fetish. It was her idea for us to get together at a hotel to have a good time. I would tell you how I met her, but that isn’t that interesting. In short, she was a fellow member of the PTA and we were both single parents. I had no idea that she would be as kinky or exciting as she turned out to be.

When we got together she told me that what she really wanted to do was experience male masturbation “torture” with me. Before you get yourself all worried it doesn’t have anything to do with hurting the guy. This is when the woman ties the guy up and works his penis until he is about to cum, only leaving him at the brink for as long as possible. I figured it would be a great experience and, at the very least, I would get a good story for my buddies.

What I didn’t realize was that she was a true expert of male masturbation. I mean, this was her thing. She liked doing this with guys, so she really knew what she was doing. She tied me up to the bed at the hotel room and slowly started tickling my dick lightly with her fingers. After I was rock hard she got out some lube and started slowly stroking my meat. I thought everything was going as good as it possibly could, and then she got out a toy.

This thing was designed for male masturbation. I think it was called the Fleshlight STU. It was super tight. She slipped it on my cock and started sliding it up and down very slowly. She told me that if I came without permission that she would leave me tied up there with the masturbation toy on my cock for the cleaning crew to find me. I had a feeling that she was serious, so I was extra careful not to blow my load. We talked a lot throughout the process about how close I was, and she made sure that I didn’t cum until she was ready.

It seemed to go on for an eternity, but it was really about an hour. It was the toughest hour of my life. I am lucky that I didn’t cum before she told me to. When she finally told me that I could cum she got down on her knees and finished me off so that I blew my load all over her face. It was pretty amazing.

She didn’t leave me there tied up, thank goodness, but this turned into a regular thing. I never realized that a woman could be so good at masturbating a guy, and the toys she introduced me to are now my favorite things.