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How can I Introduce a Realistic Male Masturbator in The Bedroom?

Realistic Male MasturbatorIt wasn’t long ago that I went through the exact experience of bringing my incredibly realistic male masturbator into the bedroom with my partner and I.

My partner and I had been together for about 8 months, and the sex was great, but I always love spicing things up a bit with different sex toys. At that point, we had brought a few things into the bedroom such as ticklers, and small vibrators, but bringing in my masturbator seemed like a completely new level. I spoke to my partner about it, and one day introduced it in the bedroom during some foreplay.

I lubed up, and slipped it on, but at first it felt a bit strange. My partner felt a little left out, since I was getting a magical blowjob basically from someone else while they sat there and watched. However, after a few minutes we began to get into it, and it was one of the best sexual encounters we’d had up to that point in our relationship.

Using a Realistic Male Masturbator with a Partner

Since bringing my masturbator into the bedroom, my partner and I have started to have a lot of fun with it, and perhaps you can benefit from knowing some of the different things we’ve tried:

1. Partner has control.
I found that most realistic male masturbator was the Autoblow 2, so keep that in mind when I’m talking about these things. The Autoblow 2 is completely automatic, but it has a speed control dial on the side. I love to hand over control to my partner so that I never know exactly what to expect. It keeps me squirming, and it’s a fun and exciting game to play.

2. Hands-free means hands play.
The Autoblow 2 simply slips on, and then it is completely automatic, apart from changing speeds. This keeps my hands free to pleasure my partner either with other toys, or using simply my hands or mouth. I can focus fully on my partner, and they can focus fully on pleasure, as my masturbator is keeping me aroused. They can just lay back and enjoy.

3. Edging.
If there’s one thing that male masturbator are fantastic for, it’s bringing you so close to climax and then in my case, flipping the speed down to ultra low (or sometimes I have to pull out if I get a bit too close to orgasm). This is not only a fun game to play with your partner, but doing this frequently can help you last longer in bed by gaining more control over your orgasm.

If you do choose to experiment in the bedroom with a partner, just make sure that you’re both open to just trying new things and figuring out what works. No two people are the same, and so it’s really all about just figuring out what is a turn on for both you and your partner.

Getting the Most Out of Your Realistic Male Masturbator

Just a couple things to keep in mind when you do bring your own realistic male masturbator into the bedroom.

1. Ensure you have lots of batteries or a full charge.
There is nothing worse than being right in the middle of some serious sexual fun with your toy, and the batteries run out. Keep a bunch of new batteries nearby, or make sure it’s fully charged if it’s a rechargeable one. Better yet, get one that plugs directly into the wall, like the Autoblow 2, if you want to ensure you’ll never have to stop the fun ;)

2. Bring lots of lube.
This is pretty self-explanatory. Lube makes masturbators work better. So have lots handy. :D

3. Be open to new experiences.
Your partner may have different ideas about how best to use the masturbator as a couple. Be as open to trying their ideas as you are your own. You just never know what might flip the switch.

4. Have fun.
Most importantly, relax and have fun.