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Autoblow A.I.

Autoblow 2 A.I.
  • Sleeves can be interchanged Sleeves can be interchanged
  • Industrial strength motor Industrial strength motor
  • Does NOT require batteries Does NOT require batteries
  • Hands free blowjob machine Hands free male masturbator
  • Sleeves are easy to clean Sleeves are easy to clean
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Fleshlight STU

Fleshlight STU
  • Waterproof Male Masturbator Waterproof male masturbator
  • Realistic feel Realistic feel
  • Different sleeves Different sleeves
  • Super tight Super tight
  • Easy to clean and store Easy to clean and store
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Male MasturbatorI don't know about you, but I have purchased sex toys in the past that don't seem to even last through one orgasm before the brand new set of batteries I just put in dies. Even if it lasts for a few times, batteries can become a very expensive extra cost if you use your toys anywhere even close to how much I use mine.

Most recently I've tried several male masturbators, and have found that my favourite one is completely automatic and does NOT require the use of batteries!

Autoblow 2: The Best of Male Masturbators?

Okay, so of course there are MANY male masturbators on the market that don't require any power whatsoever. The Fleshlight for example, or other generic male strokers don't require any batteries because they don't require any power. You slip your penis in, and you've got to hold onto the casing, moving your hand back and forth or up and down in order to give yourself pleasure. For me, these are a bit of a waste of time. Having to do the motion with my hand, I might as well be masturbating normally with just my hand. I mean, yes, it's a nice tight fit in most cases, but I can just squeeze my hand tighter for the same effect, no? Maybe that's just me, but if I'm going to use a toy, I want it to feel at least somewhat realistic!

Instead of the manual masturbators, I prefer mine to be automatic. And the best one I have found is the Autoblow 2. You just lube up, slip your penis inside, and the completely automated beads begin moving up and down your shaft with just the flip of a switch. You can easily control the speed with a little dial on the side, but other than you don't have to lift a finger, and it feels just like you're getting a real blowjob!

And besides the fact that I have experienced some of the best blowjobs I've ever had from this machine… it does NOT require batteries. The Autoblow 2 actually plugs right into the wall so I never have to worry about whether or not the power is going to last through the end of my orgams. I can play for hours straight if I want, and I was have constant power, no changing of expensive batteries, or stopping just before climax to switch the batteries.

If you're looking for something to go the distance with you, the Autoblow 2 is probably the masturbator you want.

Male Masturbators You Can Count On

In my experience, the Autoblow 2 has been one of the only male masturbators that I can really count on. While many others are a ‘one-size-fits-all' idea, the Autoblow 2 is available in different sizes to make sure that your penis fits inside perfectly. It is also made of high quality material that feels incredibly realistic when you lube up your member and slip him inside. The sleeve actually comes out too, so that cleaning is a breeze. But what I love most is that it is completely hands-free and it gives me a blowjob automatically! I can have my hands free to flip through porn, or use other toys at the same time. AND while I am just lying back and receiving a lifelike, amazing deepthroat blowjob (whenever and wherever I want, might I add) the power will never cut out because instead of using batteries it plugs right into the wall! That is such a winning point with me.

I hope that I have helped you figure out which of the male masturbators would be best for you. You can clearly tell which is my favorite, but there are plenty of them out there for you to experiment with, although very few with long-lasting power that is battery-free.