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Autoblow A.I.

Autoblow 2 A.I.
  • Sleeves can be interchanged Sleeves can be interchanged
  • Industrial strength motor Industrial strength motor
  • Does NOT require batteries Does NOT require batteries
  • Hands free blowjob machine Hands free male masturbator
  • Sleeves are easy to clean Sleeves are easy to clean
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Fleshlight STU

Fleshlight STU
  • Waterproof Male Masturbator Waterproof male masturbator
  • Realistic feel Realistic feel
  • Different sleeves Different sleeves
  • Super tight Super tight
  • Easy to clean and store Easy to clean and store
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Sex DollsSex Dolls are one of the least talked about type of male masturbation toys on the internet but they are actually very popular and can be one of the most realistic sex experiences you can have with any sex toy.

Sex Doll Stigma

Sex Dolls have gotten a lot of stick over the years mainly due to their comedic presence in Films like Lars and the Real Girl and their laughable depiction on TV shows like the classic episode of Only Fools and Horses where Dell Boy gets hold of a bunch of sex dolls filled with highly explosive propane gas (if you haven't watched this episode you really must).

Because of this many men and even couples dismiss the idea of purchasing a Sex Doll and instead use hand held masturbators or a realistic vagina/ass. As good as these products are they are only a section of a full female/male body and it can be hard to get the feeling of having sex with a real person as you are only using one part of the anatomy.

In General

The quality and lifelikeness of Sex Dolls vary greatly depending on how much you are willing to pay and the price can easily sky-rocket to into the $1000's but what you get for your money are light-years ahead of their really cheap counterparts. If you invest in a really cheap product you will most likely get a product that looks like the sex dolls you see in a comedic fashion on TV and the big screen and we admit these products are extremely basic and most likely not provide the stimulation you would like.

Sex Dolls on the market today usually have multiple openings with Vaginal, Anal and Mouth holes which gives a nice variety of choice of usage unlike the hand-held and single hole products.

Browsing online sex toy stores for sex dolls you will quickly notice that it is very rare for the store to display the sex doll inflated and instead only show the box. This may seem slightly odd but there is a reason behind this and that is quite a few sex dolls we have to say look really really awful and if the store chose to display a photo of the doll inflated on their store the sales of that product would plummet. This is not always the case however and many sex dolls are of excellent quality and can be very lifelike even if the store has chosen not to display a photograph of the product.

Not Just for the Males

Sex Dolls are not always just for a male to use on his own and can actually be a spicy extra for couples as many couples have the fantasy of partaking in a threesome but do not want to issues that can come with bring an extra real life body into the bedroom. This is where a Sex Doll can fill the gap and can allow couples to explore their fantasy at least a little bit.

Blow Up Sex Dolls vs Realistic

The most commonly known Sex Dolls due to TV and Films are the Blow Up Sex Dolls versions which can be quite good depending on the product but if you really want a great experience we feel you should really invest in the more realistic version which are made from various materials that can even feel like the real thing.

The more realistic Sex Dolls do come at a price however usually starting around $100 for the more basic models but we feel the gain in quality and last-ability of these products make the investment much more worth it.

Viewing the Sex Doll in a store

As many online stores do not actually display a photograph of the actual product in it's entirety and as you may be spending quite a bit of money on these items we would suggest you visit a local sex toy store and ask if you could see the product outside the box before purchase if you can. They may easily say no as they could struggle selling the item afterwards due to the open box but it is definitely worth a try.

If you cannot view the product before purchase we highly advise doing a lot of research on the internet about the product as you can find many reviews and people talking about these types of products on the internet and doing this could save you lots of money.