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Tenga 3D PolygonI had heard of the Tenga male masturbators for a long time now but always avoided them and thought they were kind of silly as they were one time use products. The idea of paying ~$10 for a one time use toy seemed rather ridiculous to me. But now, Tenga has a line of non-disposable toys which I find much more appealing. This new line of toys is called Tenga 3D. There are five different models in the Tenga 3D lineup. They are Module, Zen, Polygon, Spiral and Pile. The one that I received is the Polygon.

The packaging for Tenga 3D is simple but nice. The packaging consists of a two piece plastic tube. The bottom of the tube contains a small package of lube and the instructions. The top of the packaging is a clear tube which proudly displays the Tenga masturbator. While it doesn’t scream sex toy or anything and the language used on the packaging isn’t overtly sexual, you probably don’t want to leave it lying around unless you want to answer questions as to what it is. One thing I should mention about the packaging. It took me a long time to figure out how to access the area in the base that contains the instructions and sample packet of lube. After quite a bit of fiddling, twisting and frustration I finally was able to figure it out though. The packaging is also very good for storing your Tenga. It’s not much bigger than the product itself so you’re not wasting a bunch of space and the packaging is very sturdy which will keep your Tenga safe and sound.

The included instructions are written in both Japanese and in English. They are well written and to the point. There really isn’t much to know about using it. You just need to remove it from the packaging, turn it inside out, lube it up and use. There are directions for cleaning it and drying it as well, which I will get to later.

The Tenga 3D is made out of Ag Antibacterial Elastomer. I couldn’t find much information about this material and the Tenga website wasn’t much help at all. From what I could find, it is body safe and you can use either water-based or silicone lubricants with it. The material does feel very nice. It’s very soft and extremely stretchy. The Tenga isn’t very big (it measures 4.75 inches) which concerned me when I first took a look at it. While I am not monster in the penis department I am bigger than the Tenga. The material that it is made of is so stretchy though that this really isn’t an issue at all.

So how is the Tenga 3D Polygon in use? It’s good, but not great. The instructions say to just take it out of the packaging, turn it inside out, lube it up and do your thing. I did that the first time that I used it and found the experience enjoyable but nothing special. The second time (and every time afterwards) that I used it I decided to let the Tenga 3D soak in some hot water for ten minutes or so before I used it. Heating it up before use made the experience much better. I have found that I actually enjoy short little strokes with my Tenga rather than long strokes, but your mileage may vary. I enjoy the Tenga, it feels good in use and it’s simple to use. That said, I don’t love it. It produces solidly good orgasms and I have no problem bringing myself to orgasm with it but there is nothing overly special about it. I prefer it to my hand, but I am not dying to use it again and again. I think it would be better if it was more intense and or more varied with it’s texture.

Cleaning the Tenga 3D is a breeze. All you need to do is run it under some water and rinse off any bodily deposits and any lube. You can use a mild soap if you so desire but I have found that a good thorough rinse under running water is sufficient to get it clean. So after use I bring it to the sink and rinse off the outside to remove any lube. I then turn it inside out and do the same to the interior to wash away my deposits and the remaining lube. One nice thing about the Tenga and it’s packaging is that you can use the packaging as a drying stand. Just slip the Tenga 3D on to the post and let it air dry. I usually pat it down with a clean towel after washing it and before slipping it back on to the stand.

Tenga 3D Polygon


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Reusable
  • Nice soft and stretchy material
  • Easy to clean and care for


  • Not intense enough

The Tenga 3D Polygon is a solid masturbation sleeve that feels good. I personally found it was a bit a lacking something but I had no problem bringing myself to orgasm with it and it produced very enjoyable orgasms. I just think it would benefit from being a bit more intense. It’s quite probable that some of the other models in the Tenga 3D lineup would be more intense and that I would like them better. That said, I think many men would be very happy with the Tenga 3D Polygon and I’d have no problem recommending it. I just find it to be a good toy, but not a great toy.