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Tenga 3D ZenIt’s a sculpture…It’s an art piece…It’s a sex toy? This is the Zen from Tenga’s 3D line of masturbation sleeves that look more like modern art then something you should be wrapping around your cock. But who’s to say that it can’t be both art and a great sex toy?


The Tenga 3D Zen is a masturbation sleeve about 12cm in length and 5cm in diameter. Tenga labels the material it’s made from as “Ag Antibacterial Elastomer” which doesn’t tell you a whole lot other than it contains silver, It is definitely porous but certified antibacterial so it should be safe in the long-term - I wouldn’t be sharing it with a partner though. The material is super soft and stretchy with a silky feel to it,Though it can feel a bit thin and fragile at times. Other reviewers have mentioned that their Tenga 3D’s didn’t have much of a smell to them but mine had a very strong chemical odor to it when I opened it, After a wash it immediately went away but I felt it was worth noting. Texture wise the Zen is meant to look like the lines in a zen garden, Lines start off spread farther apart and spiral in closer together towards the middle and back out again.


Tenga really did an amazing job when it comes to the packaging on the 3D line. All of the Tenga 3D sleeves come perched on a black plastic pedestal with a clear cover to protect the toy from being bumped around, It manages to protect the toy, look really classy and serve as a place to dry the toy when you’re done with the clean-up. Underneath the stand is a small compartment that contains a packet of Tenga’s own eloquently named “Hole Lotion” lubricant which contains enough for one use. It’s a wonderful and well thought out package and I wish more companies would put this much effort into the packaging. Upon unpacking my zen I noticed that it had quite a few imperfections in the texture, Most likely from air bubbles when they poured the material, While this didn’t impact the use of the toy at all it was a bit disheartening to see that gorgeous pattern with so many imperfections.

In Use

Before you can use the Zen or any other product from Tenga’s 3D line you have to turn it inside out so that the texture is on the inside. I found the Zen to be a little lube hungry, Due to all the fine little ridges and valleys it takes a fair bit of lube to get the whole thing slick. Once you have yourself inserted the texture is immediately apparent, The only way I can describe the sensation of the texture in use is gentle but intense. You don’t feel any of the individual ridges in the texture. The material is too soft and the ridges are too close together instead you just get a wonderful and enveloping intense sensation. Due to the way the 3D line is designed when you first insert yourself into the toy it tends to trap a little pocket of air inside the toy, By squeezing the tip of the toy you can force the air out of the sleeve and increase the suction inside. Because the 3D doesn’t have any sort of hard outer casing like Fleshlights or Tenga’s Flip Hole you can simply squeeze the sleeve to increase or decrease the pressure. Orgasms while using the Zen are intense, I have to stop any movement at all once the orgasms starts otherwise its just way to much stimulation and starts to turn into discomfort bordering on pain.

Cleanup with the Zen is extremely easy, When you are done with the toy you can stand it upright inside the base of the stand, A quick rinse with water while turning the Zen inside out and a quick pat-down with a lint free cloth is all you should need. Once the Zen has been washed off you can put it back onto the wonderful little stand that it comes with to dry. If the sleeve starts to get sticky after several uses just give it a quick powdering with some corn starch and that should go away.


The Tenga 3D Zen is a great little masturbation sleeve. It’s easy to clean, Comes with a wonderful little stand system built into the packaging and of course it feels great! Tenga says the Zen is designed to last for around 50 uses if taken care of properly, While I’m sure it could last longer with the retail price of around $49.99 it is a little disappointing because you’re going to want to use this toy - a lot. If you’re looking for a great masturbation sleeve that doesn’t look like a masturbation sleeve the Zen is a great choice as long as you don’t mind paying $50 for a sleeve that you are eventually going to have to toss.