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Autoblow A.I.

Autoblow 2 A.I.
  • Sleeves can be interchanged Sleeves can be interchanged
  • Industrial strength motor Industrial strength motor
  • Does NOT require batteries Does NOT require batteries
  • Hands free blowjob machine Hands free male masturbator
  • Sleeves are easy to clean Sleeves are easy to clean
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Fleshlight STU

Fleshlight STU
  • Waterproof Male Masturbator Waterproof male masturbator
  • Realistic feel Realistic feel
  • Different sleeves Different sleeves
  • Super tight Super tight
  • Easy to clean and store Easy to clean and store
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Auto Vac Power PumpFor men, one of the most sensitive subjects they will ever discuss, is the size of their penises. Men will happily talk about sports, about women, about their love lives, and about much more besides, but when it comes to their manhood, well, to say that that is a sore point would be the understatement of the century. Most men wish that they had larger penises, and there are some who are even willing to pay good money on surgical procedures, and so-called “miracle supplements” that do virtually nothing. Whilst surgery is possible in some cases, often times the risks are simply not worth it, and what’s more, results aren’t always guaranteed anyways. However, male masturbator experts have identified this, and have essentially killed two birds with one stone, by creating the auto vac power pump. This sex toy combines all of the pleasure associated with using an automatic male masturbator, with the benefits associated with using a penis pump masturbator. The end results are the user not only experiencing some of the best orgasms of their life, but also gradually increasing the overall size of their penis, and improving their sex lives, and their self-confidence levels in the process. Here we’ll be taking a more direct look at the auto vac power pump male masturbator and penis pump.

What is the auto vac power pump?

Auto Vac Power PumpThe auto vac power pump allows users to achieve thick, hard, and sustainable erections, that become bigger and more prominent with each and every single use of the device. It is a hands free penis pump/penis masturbator that allows users to not only get off and achieve mind-blowing orgasms and ejaculations, but to also gradually increase the size of their penis as they use it. The pump is battery powered, so you simply push a button and simply let the device do all of the work for you. Upon being switched on, the motor will fire to life and will create an uber-strong vacuum inside the chamber, that will gradually cause the erection to expand, in both girth, and length.

What are the benefits of the auto vac power pump?

Obviously, the main benefits include the fact that the auto vac allows you to get off whilst you increase the size of your penis, but what else does it have to offer? Let’s take a look, shall we?

Larger penis and harder erections

Ok, first off we’ll begin with the most obvious benefit. As this is one of the best male masturbators for increasing penis size, naturally you can expect to see some pretty impressive results, in a relatively short space of time. As soon as the suction fires into life, not only do you get off, but your erection will also expand, and what’s more, as the chamber is transparent, you can see it getting bigger right before your eyes. To help prove just how effective it is, the chamber is also complete with metric graduations so you can take measurements and see how much it has expanded.

Quick-release feature

Some cheap male masturbators/penis pumps have posed some safety risks, especially when it came to removing the suction chamber. The auto vac power pump however, features a quick-release button which, once pushed, will immediately kill the vacuum and relieve the internal pressure within the chamber, allowing you to remove it in seconds.

Prolong and increase ejaculation

For those of you looking to prolong ejaculation and to have a bit more fun, the power pump comes with a specially designed enhancement ring, which is designed to slip over the penis and provide additional pressure, helping to squeeze the penis and to prolong and increase ejaculation and pleasure.

Wave after wave of pleasure

Not only will this pump help you to grow your manhood and increase your sexual stamina however, but on top of that, it will also allow you to experience wave after wave of sexual pleasure. Once inserted on the penis, you simply lay back and let the device do the best, which will truthfully be as close as you will get to receiving oral sex, without actually receiving it from another person.

Easy to use and clean

Another benefit is that using and cleaning this product simply couldn’t be easier. Simply insert 3 x AAA batteries, press the power button, and that’s it. When you wish to remove the chamber, simply push the quick-release button. Toy cleaner is even included, so you can keep the product clean and hygienic.

Final thoughts

Overall, the auto vac power pump is very powerful, it is easy to control, it feels amazing, and what’s more, it really does work. You literally get to see your penis getting larger right before your eyes, and you can even take measurements to prove so. If you’re looking to experience a hands free male masturbator that provides countless benefits, including being able to help you get off in a matter of seconds, the auto vac power pump is the toy for you.