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Doc Johnson Jenna's Perfect PairAs these are molded from Jenna's actual breasts you most likely know what they look like and their size if you've ever watched a porn featuring her. Doc Johnson has done a very good job with the mould as they actually do have the appearance of Jenna's breasts and we can not see any strange blemishes or manufacturing hiccups with them. They have been painted exceptionally well from the close matching skin tone to the pert pink nipples, out of all the Doc Johnson products we have seen in real life these breasts are by far the most detailed and accurate product from their brand.

The size of these breasts are really very big, much bigger than we first imagined and we'd even seen porn films of Jenna. As the breasts are very big the product is very heavy, heavier I hope for Jenna's backs sake than her actual real pair. This is due to the UR3 material as it's not the lightest compound but don't let the weight put you off as there are numerous advantages to the products heavy weight which will get into later on in this review.

We have quite a few UR3 products in our collection so we know how realistic it can feel and these UR3 breasts feel vey good. We are not saying you could mistake these as real breasts from the feel of them as we don't think any male masturbator could ever feel that real.

The paintwork for the skin is really good as it is not just one colour all over, it has different skin tone shades that I think mimic Jenna own skin tones. We are not sure if the paintwork is designed around Jenna herself as the only information we can find is that the mould is from her. Unfortunately this paintwork doesn't last and after a couple of uses the paintwork has gradually gotten worse.

The breasts are 100% life-size which is very welcome, we have a dislike for some products that shrink their products down to less than life-size as it distracts from the experience and would take away from the feeling of you giving Jenna Jameson a good ol tit-wank if they were smaller than her real ones.

We do have to say these breasts really smelled when we first received them and they didn't smell particularly pleasant either but with quite a few washes this smell has gradually gone.


The packaging is very good, Doc Johnson really knows how to package their products. The box is is designed very well showing what the product looks like and gives plenty of information about the product. We was quite surprised the box doesn't have a hole in it so you can feel the product before purchase like many other products but that is only a minor issue.

Care and Cleaning

To take care for the UR3 breasts is not the easiest due to the UR3 material but it is definitely worth it as you will get many more uses out of it if you take care of it properly. After use we always wash the breasts with soap and water and then pat dry. After it's dry we put a thin layer Cornflour / Cornstarch all over the breasts. This may sound odd but this is a very important step for any UR3 product as it stops the product becoming tacky.

As we always put Cornflour over the breasts after use a quick wash before using again is needed but this is quickly and easily done especially if you have a large sink or you could even place it in the bath.


Before using we have always placed the breasts in warm water for a while to bring it's temperature up so it would feel more life-like due to it's warmer exterior. It's important to not place them in really hot water however as we feel it could damage them. The breasts do seem to keep the temperature quite well.

Never being big fans of tit-wanks the UR3 breasts were always going to come against stiff competition with us (apologies about the pun). The times we have used these breasts we have tended to play around with the breasts first with some breast fondling and nipple tweaking. The breasts felt really nice and surprisingly life-like, we can see some couples using these breasts as a way to explore their threesome fantasies if they didn't want to bring a real extra person into their bedroom.

The main use for these breasts for most people will be the ability to tit-wank them, and we are happy to say that the experience is actually a good one. With a bit of water based lube over and in-between the breasts beforehand, sliding a hard cock between the large pert breasts actually feels quite good (and we are not big fans of this sex act remember). The breasts hug my penis very well and by holding the breasts I am able to control the amount of squeeze they have on my penis. She also gets a great view whilst I am doing this as she can fantasize it's a real person I am tit wanking.

Due to the breasts being so heavy I can thrust as hard as I like and the breasts stay put quite well with only a few movements now and again. This is very important and a great relief to us as having this product moving around whilst trying to thrust would be a major downside.

We have attempted to lick/bite the nipples etc but they didn't taste very nice but that may have been because they are still quite new and the taste may eventually go but we wouldn't suggest this product to someone who really wants to lick and bite the nipples as the taste may not go.

Overall Opinion of the Doc Johnson Perfect Pair

We were pleasantly surprised with this product as we thought we would really dislike them as we don't highly rate tit-wanks at the best of times. The Doc Johnson Jenna's Perfect Pair are probably the closest you can possibly get to real life ones from the feeling to the look of them. The feeling of my penis between the 2 large pert breasts is actually quite good and we feel that people who really enjoy tit-wanks will probably really like these.

These breasts are very well made but they do have a few issues as the paintwork doesn't last very long at all which is a huge shame as the quality of the paintwork is extremely good and also the smell when we first received the product did put us off a bit.

These issues aside, this product is actually very good and we would definitely recommend them to people who enjoy tit-wanks.


  • Feels as life-like as you probably can get
  • Doesn't really move when thrusting
  • Really good paintwork


  • Smells when first received
  • Paintwork doesn't last long