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Male Chastity DevicesA few years ago we didn’t really understand male chastity and why exactly people chose to be locked up in a device. Upon trying out chastity with a number of devices including the CB-6000 and the Spiral however we quickly discovered why it’s so popular.

This post has been created to explain the benefits we’ve had and also tips of this practice. The information in this post has been put together from our and other people’s experiences of male chastity.

A brief history of chastity

Chastity devices have been around for 100′s of years and were mainly used for women. They allowed men to control their wives sex lives when they were away from the family home. Years ago these devices were heavily used as a non-threatening way compared to surgical methods that were possible.

Male chastity benefits

As you probably know most men tend to masturbate a lot. Even when they have regular sex with their partner many men simply cannot control themselves. The problem with this is that when a man orgasms it releases not only sperm but also sexual energy.

If you think about it most men after sex are completely drained and just want to rest after intercourse. The same effect (albeit less) happens when men masturbate. Their desire to perform with their partner afterwards tends to be less compared to if they haven’t masturbated.

Even if the male doesn’t masturbate, a male chastity device is a constant reminder that he has no choice. Being chastised has a tendency to increase sexual drive as it makes the man think about sex more compared to when he isn’t locked up. This is mainly due to the constant feeling of something encasing the penis so sex is usually on the man’s mind.

This sexual drive is like a snowball rolling down a hill, it starts off small but gets bigger and bigger the longer it rolls. The only way to stop this snowball is of course to unlock and have sex. As you can imagine after a period in chastity the effects of it can be quite dramatic.

It’s not all about sex when in male chastity either, we and many others have found that during chastity the male tends to show more affection to his partner. This is probably down to the male unconsciously trying to lure the woman to unlock him. This affection though tends to be very welcomed in many relationships were affection has dwindled over the years.


As you probably can imagine these devices can be quite uncomfortable especially for the first few times they are put on. We found perseverance, getting the right device, using a bit of lube and sleeping in the right position tends to help with this issue.

The first time we used a device (the CB-6000) my bf was extremely uncomfortable especially sleeping. This was down to using the wrong spacers on the device and bad sleeping positions but we quickly remedied this.

Men who are reading this will probably know of random sleeping erections. This is probably our biggest downfall with devices as when a male has an erection in a chastity device it can be quite painful. This causes him to wake up in the night. An option is to remove the device during the night but we feel this slightly defeats the object and can allow a ‘sneaky wank’.


Depending on the product cleaning male chastity devices can be quite difficult. Many devices are completely enclosed like the The Curve making cleaning slightly difficult but still possible. There are some devices that are more open like the UberKinky Spiral Chastity Device which we found cleaning to be much more simple.

Cleaning the device is extremely important as they could end up smelling or looking unsightly. We found cleaning after each toilet break and regular showers (we found showers better than baths) combated these issues and kept even the enclosed devices like the CB-6000 very clean.

Can they be seen under clothes?

CB-6000sMost newer style devices are designed to be very discreet and cannot be seen at least under trousers or jeans. We have found that when just wearing tighter fitting underwear they can be seen. Some devices like the Bon4 are made of silicone so they are more flexible that helps with this also.

Our recommended male chastity devices

  • CB-6000
  • The Spiral
  • Bon4
  • Prince Albert PA-5000
  • Finishing Note

Other people’s experiences will vary with male chastity. The reasons why and benefits of using these devices will be different for many people. This post is a culmination of our experiences and other people we know. We hope you have enjoyed this post and have learnt a little more about male chastity.