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  • Sleeves can be interchanged Sleeves can be interchanged
  • Industrial strength motor Industrial strength motor
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  • Sleeves are easy to clean Sleeves are easy to clean
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Verspanken SmoothThis is a review of the new Verspanken Smooth by Big Toys. It comes in a box with a cheeky design on it, not rude or smutty just cheeky, its a picture of a guy hiding under the covers. There is some good information about the Verspanken on the box and a couple of pictures of the toy.

I had been curious about this male masturbation toy since I first saw it in the shops in Amsterdam earlier this year, but I had forgotten just how big it is, like all male toys it needs to be a certain size to be able to do its job and to work for as many people as possible, this means that rather than been a small discrete toy that can be easily hidden away its quite a large and chunky bit of kit. Saying that compared to something like a fleshlight it is much less obvious as to what it is, it certainly doesn't look like a portable pussy.

Before you use the Verspanken you need to open the plastic case and lube up the inserts, this is the smooth one and the inserts in it are blue and totally smooth, they feel soft to the touch and very tactile almost like a pair of stress balls. They are slightly sticky so they need a little pull apart to separate them from each other before you can start. The plastic case is very simple to open and close just push the catch at the top apart and then open it up.

You then need to cover the blue inserts with some good quality waterbased lubricant, it states on the packaging and on a few websites that this is made from body safe, skin safe rubber and is latex free so it can be used with any lubricant but you should try not to use anything oil based as this will shorten the life of the sleeves. Once you have covered the inside of the toy with lubricant it is a good idea to put a small amount on yourself as well to prevent any chance of it rubbing you up the wrong way.

Then you close the Verspanken around yourself, you can close it all of the way and clip it closed if you want that much pressure, or you can just wrap it around yourself as far and as tight and you want it to go. After that it is up to you what you do with it, you can spin it, rock it or rub it up and down, whatever you prefer really.

I tried all three of these methods and clipped the casing closed, I wasn't overly impressed with the way that it felt, the smooth is just that, it is very very smooth and there just wasn't enough texture to get any real feeling from it. It felt nice but it didn't feel amazing, the unit in my opinion is a little large and gets in the way a bit when you are using it, the inserts were a little to smooth and didn't have enough grip even when the casing was closed tightly.

Cleaning the Verspanken is very easy, all you need to do it push the inserts out of the case and then you can wash them in warm soapy water and pop them back again. This is probably the easiest to clean male masturbator that I have ever tried as it is open ended so it has no inside to clean. It is so easy to take apart that it really is a 2 minute job.

Overall I wasn't overly impressed with the smooth Verspanken, in theory it is a great toy and I think that a textured version of the toy would be totally different and would be much better than this smooth version. It didn't rock my world, although it was good fun for foreplay. I liked the design and the way that it comes apart from cleaning and that you can interchange the inserts if you have more than one of them to mix them up a bit giving the toy a variety of different options. It is good that you can use it with any lube and that it is so easy to clean, it just didn't do it for me.